About Me

I consider it my greatest honor that The Creator blessed me with the ability to make a difference in people’s lives with my words. I also feel blessed for being able to live my passion every day and this fills me with immense happiness and a sense of contentment. Of course, the journey from being stuck in the highly competitive and stressful BPO environment to following my passion and moving away from the usual crowd was not an easy one. It was largely made possible because of a decision I took years ago – a decision that changed my life for good.

The year 2011 had just begun. Everyone around me at the workplace was performing well, achieving their productivity goals, and getting their incentives. I was the only one marked in red for not being able to achieve what the company expected from me. It was not that I wasn’t trying hard enough. Despite using all means to improve my performance, re-learning the concepts and skills after office hours, and my colleagues supporting me in every possible way, things didn’t change much. As if this was not enough, I was put on a Performance Improvement Plan by the management. The next eventuality could have been termination.

It was truly a very difficult situation. At that point of time, I had my wife and my five-month-old son to take care of. A job loss could have meant losing my only source of income and some unimaginable hardships in the family. Although I was in the BPO industry, this was one of the largest financial companies in the world. My near and dear ones would never forgive me if I quit my job in this prestigious organization. However, some bigger questions kept haunting me – how long could I continue living just to please everyone around me? How long could I continue working in a profession, for which, I wasn’t even remotely passionate about?

My intuition told me that the time had come to respond to my inner voices. They seemed to be coming straight from The Creator. By this time, I was quite sure that opting for a job in the same industry in yet another multinational corporation was not the way forward. On a Sunday evening, I began contemplating on what I could possibly do next that would transform my life in the days to come. The only answer I got was – writing. Right from my days of childhood, that was the only thing I loved doing. When I was in school, I used to write poems and short stories that were liked by many of my classmates. I suddenly remembered those days and realized that it was my calling. I didn’t think twice before resigning from my job the very next day. Most of my colleagues congratulated me, a few others tried to stop me from making that ‘big mistake’, but I decided to go ahead anyway. I quit my well-paying corporate job, and bade farewell to my BPO career forever.

In order to get my first work as a writer, I had to take a 40% cut in my annual remuneration. It wasn’t easy at all for a middle-class guy like me, but I had the support of my sweet and loving wife. For the love of writing and motivated by my wife’s unconditional support, I made the compromise. Thus, my journey as a professional writer began. Today, I’m happy being involved in some exciting and creative projects as a writer. Being a man of letters, I hold the great responsibility of using this treasure of words gifted by The Divine Energy in ways that help and inspire people. Most of my writings are motivated by this belief.

There is no right or wrong time to decide what we want to do with our lives. Every single day brings an opportunity for us to discover our true potential. Once we have discovered it, it’s just a matter of choice. Either we can utilize it to move towards a life of personal freedom or we can keep it aside and continue doing what we’ve been conditioned to do. It is my wish and my prayer that all my fellow humans get to live their life with lots of joy and passion, doing what they truly love to do. It was a great pleasure sharing my story with you. For my latest updates, you can visit the ‘Notes’ section. Here’s wishing you great success in all your endeavors!